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Macro to insert drawing sheets of each configuration and rename sheets to SW property?

Question asked by Tom Stypula on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by Tommy Stypula

Does anyone have the ability to create a macro that inserts a drawing sheet for every configuration of a part and then names each of the sheets based on a property created in the design table?


I have a part (several parts that require this actually) that needs to have its own unique sheet in this drawing file so that I can automatically export each sheet as a DXF using Enterprise PDM.  This is easily done manually for parts that have just a few configurations but these parts have hundreds of configurations so it takes a lot of time to simply create sheets and go through each one and change the model view to the "next" configuration in the list and then rename each sheet to match the custom property that I have created called "itemnumber".


I know that there are macros to export parts in bulk to DXF format straight from the part model but I can't use this because I need to add item number scribes to each DXF and export them from the drawing while using a custom layer mapping file that converts the "scribe" layer to a different color in the DXF.


I have used this thread as a reference but have been unsuccessful,


Please help.  Thanks.