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    Hole Fit Tolerance Workflow

    William Radigan

      Can anyone explain to me the 'workflow' for using the "Fit", "Fit With Tolerance", and "Fit (tolerance only)" options for hole Tolerance/ Precision?


      It's obvious that the various limits for hole and shaft sizing (e.g. H7, H9, H11, from Machinery's Handbook or elsewhere) are contained within the software.  I think I have even seen calculations of the "Clearance" or "Minimum Variation" and "Maximum Variation" of combined Hole / Shaft combinations (e.g. An LC6 fit for a 1/4" screw is an H9/f8 combination and provides a minimum of .0005" clearance and a maximum of  .0028".)


      But it seems to me that the feature manager is extraordinarily sensitive to: 1) Where you click and When 2) Tab or Enter in drop-down boxes 3) Choosing a Display Type 4) Changing the Classification type.


      I'd like to be able to use this information to instead getting Machinery's Handbook down from the shelf so often, but right now I seem to get more "Ding!" and "OK" boxes than anything else.


      This Engineers Edge page is an example of the calculations: Preferred Tolerances & Fits Chart ANSI B4.1 Calculator RC - LT Fits | GD&T Tolerances - Engineers Edge


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