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John Stoltzfus
Click to view content                                                                                                                  SWIFT = SolidWorks International Forum Team   How many times do you see a great thread get trashed or hijacked for various reasons and I'll take the "Stand" and say I'm the worst for doing that.. So when I'm acting stupid… (Show more)
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Matt Juric
Click to view contentSo I've tried this every way I can think of and have had no success so I was wondering if some of the fine minds here could take a look and toss out some suggestions. The following snip is as close as I've gotten but it's still not correct. This is what I'm looking for but I need the two edges of the surface to be parallel and same distance apart… (Show more)
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Stephen Cooper
We're still looking for a SolidWorks PDM Pro & CAD administrator at Smiths Detection, Hemel Hempstead, UK. Applicants should ideally have a mechanical engineering background, but all applicants with a strong SolidWorks PDM Pro administration experience will be considered. Excellent chance to develop and grow a… (Show more)
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Kevin Andrews
Solidworks 2019 SP03   New computer Solidworks has been running fine on the new computer all last week. It initially opened fine and worked perfectly this morning. However, I needed to close out of SW, make some changes to a part number on our PDM (I had just had the part open, so I closed down to make sure it was not stored in cache). All I did… (Show more)
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Pawel Klatecki
I have create static report but when I try to publish the report I got message "solidworks failed to instantiate ms word" Please help 
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Jan Lievense
In Inventor it is possible to include (project) a plane, axes or point in a drawing view as a center line. See: Inventor 2016: project work features in drawing sketch - IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog    Is this possible in Solidworks?
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Henk Bruijn De
Dear forum readers, I know the "part-in-part" modelling method has a poor reputation, but I like to know if anyone is using it, and if so for what kind of models. With permission  of John Stoltzfus , I used one of his designs as an example to demonstrate the part-in-part method. Although I know John will probably prefer a different method.   I… (Show more)
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Josh Hixon
Our company has used our own models (or McMaster models) of hardware since starting with Solidworks. (early 2000's) In a push to be constantly improving and eliminate mistakes, I am considering the possibility of moving us to the toolbox for fasteners. What are some pros and cons to this?    Major reasons for doing this: our fasteners are a mess… (Show more)
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Daniel Kirkman
Greetings I am a Masters student in possession of a SOLIDWORKS student license. I also own a 3D printer and would like to use my design skills to make some extra bucks by designing and 3D printing parts for people. The idea is to have a collection of designs (card holders, laptop stands, etc.) that I could print and sell. Also, I would like to be… (Show more)
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Jim Sculley
Click to view contentSo, we have this discussion about impressive SW tricks:   What are your most impressive tricks of solidworks, Please spread.   Let's make another thread to capture the little things your co-workers/clients/customers do with SOLIDWORKS that bring thoughts of violence.  Extra points if there's nothing technically wrong (see item 2 below) with… (Show more)
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Charles Dane
Hi community!   Recently, our members noticed a large change in the way that discussions appear on the forum. In one conversation, some community members mentioned the possibility that our forum platform provider may have rolled out changes to the look and feel, and that the SOLIDWORKS forum team updated to the new version. This is very close to… (Show more)
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