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Victor Manuel Vazquez Fonseca
Hi,   I'm developing a mechanism and I have a doubt that you may be able to help with.  what do you think?   I attach some refference dimensions and a picture.

Don Smith
I have a plan for a model boat and two jpeg images from the plan to the same scale , one is the side view of the plan and one of the top view. I need to draw the the bulkheads  which are basically an end view derived from the side and top views. I could do this by measuring the dimensions of each bulkhead in the top and side views and draw
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Marcin Tatarski
Hello,   I need a bit of help with this. I'm trying to create a spoon with swept surface. Can't figure out why, I'm getting this error 'The Itermediate profile#2 coud not be solved....' It looks like it should work. The profile has pierce relationship with guide curve and the path.       Thank you in advance, Martin
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Chad Huleatt
At my work place, we love BBQ. Any excuse will do. However at the moment we're limping along with a couple homeowner size units.   Some of the guys want to make a trailer style BBQ large enough to cater for 100 people, and asked me for help with the design. I don't need help with modelling, but I do need some background on BBQ design.