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Victor Manuel Vazquez Fonseca
Hi,   I'm developing a mechanism and I have a doubt that you may be able to help with.  what do you think?   I attach some refference dimensions and a picture.
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Don Smith
I have a plan for a model boat and two jpeg images from the plan to the same scale , one is the side view of the plan and one of the top view. I need to draw the the bulkheads  which are basically an end view derived from the side and top views. I could do this by measuring the dimensions of each bulkhead in the top and side views and draw them… (Show more)
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Marcin Tatarski
Click to view contentHello,   I need a bit of help with this. I'm trying to create a spoon with swept surface. Can't figure out why, I'm getting this error 'The Itermediate profile#2 coud not be solved....' It looks like it should work. The profile has pierce relationship with guide curve and the path.       Thank you in advance, Martin
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Nick Sinno
Consider a BOM with items like keystock. As engineers we want to model and insert keystock to ensure we are accounting for enough when we give prints to the shop. But, we are trying to clean up our BOM system in the process of a move to a new PDM & MRP system. What we want is to have the BOM show one entry for a given keystock, with the total… (Show more)
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Artem Taturevych
Hi,   Macro features in SOLIDWORKS are extremely powerful functionality which can make great improvements of user experience and solve complex tasks. I'm releasing another addition to SwEx family of frameworks (SwEx.AddIn and SwEx.PMPage)   SwEx.MacroFeature which is free and open source and provides data model driven approach of working with… (Show more)
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Jeff Dschaak
Copy/paste top, side, end views of an ACAD assembly into a part file, extrude multiple sheet metal, structural, and piping to create a Solidworks assembly?
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David Lewis
I am modelling an assembly with virtual components in SW 2018. I deleted the first couple of components I designed, rather than start over - the first component that I kept was Part4. The next component I created was automatically named Part1, and I suppressed it during the design of another component. That subsequent component was also named… (Show more)
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Le Dude
Click to view contentHi all.   So I downloaded this SolidWorks propeller file from the Grabcad website and I converted the assembly file into a part.  So when I look at the open file, I need to somehow get its center of the prop to align to the center I created but for the life of me, I couldn't find a way to move all of the props from point A to Point B to center… (Show more)
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