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Imke van De Weijer
When I made a mold without the mold tool, I keep getting the error ' cannot knit surface'

Rob Edwards
Morning   A local company is streamlining and dropping their production department to concentrate on servicing. It's sad as 16 people are being made redundant however, just last year they purchased 3 seats of SW Professional. This is at a time we are hiring, we can buy their workstations, and recruit their employees... I was just
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Dave Bear
Hi folks! I wanted to share some images of only my 3rd ever attempt at surfacing. Yes, maybe my post is a little self indulgent, or on the other hand it might inspire users that haven't ventured into surfacing yet to have a crack. Afterall, if I can do it, I'm sure you can. I don't pretend that my effort is perfect by any stretch, but I have