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Todd Blacksher
Sometimes you just want to share a picture of your pets (Whatever you may call them: Furry Friends, Fur-kids, Interns, and so on.) We have a great "landing area" for off-topic posts, but it would be really easy for the great pictures to get lost with everything else in "Kitty Land" - (The "Kitty Dump" - Watercooler - Trash it Here - Food For

Tony Tieuli
I've noticed that my forum points have been frozen since early yesterday morning. I just looked at the leaderboards and some folks have received points today but many (including quite a few who usually get points.) haven't Does anyone know what's up?
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Dan Golthing
Trying to work with a client who is setting up production in China.   The factory can't read my files because they are on an older version.  I tell him to recommend they update their software.  They can't because it's pirated.  And they don't want to buy it even though this contract could bring in millions of dollars!?