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how to get average temperature of a fluid area?

Question asked by Andi Ziermann on Jun 22, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2021 by John Shaw

Hey guys


I got some problems analysing my FlowSimulation results.

I got a metal box. This box is in a fluid region (air). In the box i got some dummy heat sources. Cause i need to know how much heat is beeing emitted to the external fluid, its an external analysis. Its easy to get these results with surface parameters.

But i also need to know the average themperature of the air inside the box. So i got some Point Goals in the box measuring the temperature of the fluid.

But what i need to know is the real averaged temperature of the whole fluid volume in the box. The only way i know is to set many point goals and getting the average out of them in excel. But thats not realy accurate.

Though i can get the temperature of any point manually i'm just asking myself if there is a way to get the averaged temperature of the whole fluid volume?

Would be great if u could help.