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Updates and changes to the SOLIDWORKS Forums:


Jan 6, 2014  New

  1. Update log in challenge so it's not repeatable.
  2. Added 3 new challenges; Vote challenge - Level 1 (100 pts), Vote challenge - Level 2 (200 pts), Vote challenge - Level 3 (400 pts)
  3. Turned off Helpful yes/no option for comments.

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Dec 11, 2014

  1. Role based badges - DS SOLIDWORKS employees now show a DS logo next to their name.
    Image 2.png
  2. Mobile - Updated mobile home page.
  3. Unsubscribe - All emails now include a way to change your email preferences and unsubscribe.


Dec 1, 2014

  1. Hover cards - Updated to show "Member Since"
  2. Helpful - The intent is give user credit for "being helpful". Not sure we need this with the "Like" button. Now that it's been on for a little bit, we will create a poll and find out if it should be left one. The intent is good, but the concern (as listed above) is that it's just confusing.
  3. I have this same question - Gives everyone an idea if you have this same question/issue. This is used to help identify questions that are effecting more than one user.
  4. Top Nav bar - Removed people (you still can search for folks). Renamed "Content" to "All Content" to differentiate from Space content. Replaced Inbox with an Action pull-down to show key user actions.
  5. Avatars - Change default avatar and removed other choices. Highly recommended that you upload you picture so other know who they are talking with.



Nov. 3, 2014

  1. Update level 8, 9, and added level 10. To make the levels more achievable, we changed Level 8 to 8000 points, Level 9 to 16,000 points, and Level 10 to 32,000 points.
  2. We will be adding more on going recognition programs in Q4 also.



Oct. 14, 2014

Fixed attachment issue (see Forum - can't insert files or pictures)



Oct. 6, 2014

Allow private messaging without a friend connection. (see Forum - PM Anyone without those in the friend/follower/following list)