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David Cook
How you do you create a multi leader (mutiple arrosw) from a single call out (Ballon Item Num)?
in Composer
james demarco
We use many composer documents in assembly, on the shop floor we use laptops and remote into a machine - One of the new machines is having an issue where all of the font is 8 - no matter what the original file is, no matter what style I set in the original file - as soon as I open the file the font is 8.  I fixed this once in the past, but now I… (Show more)
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Grant Pyle
The opening screen does not have the "operating" task bar beneath the File taskbar. The tutorial instructs the student to select the Features Toolbar in order to continue with the drawing. Without the taskbar, the Features Toolbar cannot be selected. How does one get the task bar back?
in Composer
Mackenzie Schultz
Click to view contentThe attached image shows the issue I am having with the digger. I have a path set and when I make a 2D image, the path becomes narrow and I am not sure why. The path looks fine in the digger as you can see below. I tried changing the properties of the path but I get the same result. Any ideas?
in Composer
Tim Benson
Is it possible to have Solidworks automatically create a Composer file (.smg) on some action, i.e. saving, closing, etc., in the background?   I am looking at Composer as a replacement for SAP Visual Enterprise Author.   Does anyone have any experience with this?
in Composer
Frederic St-Pierre
Cannot import SW parts with composer. I'm able to open SW parts with solidworks.     LitInteropSWCOM : Unable to create instance of SOLIDWORKS. Check the SOLIDWORKS version selected in your application preferences/input.HResult = 80080005 LitInteropSWCOM : Unable to create instance of SOLIDWORKS. Check the SOLIDWORKS version selected in your… (Show more)
in Composer
Andrea Bigoni
Click to view contentHi to all, I am Andrea and new to this forum.    I just got up and running Solidworks Composer but I got this error message     The answer containing the solution to this issue is present on this forum, but the link to the solution redirects to a blog not present on The Internet anymore. So I am wondering if someone could help me.   Thanks in… (Show more)
in Composer
Dennisvermeulen 2 Dennisvermeulen 2 Icloud
Click to view contentHi in solidworks Composer all holes transformed in strange shapes. When I go back to the assembly to check all display normal. It is only on 2 parts. How can I solve this?
in Composer
Kelly Kykkanen
I am using SW Composer SP 1.0.  I have multiple assemblies in a composer file.  I have been working on building some tech documentation for my company.  But have ran into an issue with using callouts on my views.  Originally when importing the assemblies I knew that I would have to update (reimport) some of the assemblies as not all were 100%… (Show more)
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Sue Partin
Hi--I've noticed that metadata appears in the upper left corner of hotspotted SVG images when I mouse over a part in the BOM table or on the assembly.  I can't figure out how to turn them off.  Are they tooltips, or something else?  Either way, can anyone tell me how to get rid of them?  Thanks!
in Composer
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