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Dinesh Kumar
Hello,   when selecting Hybrid mesh in Solidworks plastics, what type of elements will take part in meshing?   Thanks and Regards, Dinesh Kumar
in SOLIDWORKS Plastics
Holger Parchmann
Hello, in some Plastics studies I got some Problems if I use the runner Domain to mesh a separate Body as a runner.  Here is a list of some Problems that occured : - runner System with 2 tunnel gates :  No welding lines - runner System with 2 tunnel gates :  FLOW Result - Gate Filling Conrtibution Shows 4 different areas   Someone else got… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Plastics
Andy Tovey
Good Morning.....I am fairly new at using Solidworks Plactics and I would like help creating a new material. I feel I hit the lottery when I received full material detail from my material supplier. With the 30 pages of data I'm not sure how to use the data to create a new material file. Can someone help me?   Also...…...Since I am new at using… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Plastics