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Thomas Wagner
Is there an API for Flow Simulation existing that would allow to automise exporting data to text files? I am using particle studies quite often in my simulations defining several injections for each study with different particle sizes for each injection. Exporting the particle trajectories for all these injections manually is quite tedious. I use… (Show more)
in Flow Simulation
Billy Nandika Infantuzziano
Click to view contentHi, i'm a student and i'm working on my final project about fan performance using flow simulation. The installation of fan performance test that i made is bassed on AMCA 210 standard, my boundary condition is environmental pressure on both side (inlet & outlet) The pressure difference in the simulation results is very small, causing a small… (Show more)
in Flow Simulation
Rhys Williams
Click to view contentHello all,   Background I was successful in getting a summer placement at my university but due to the current pandemic am unable to use the computers there. I'm running the newest version of Solidworks on my Alienware R17 laptop (i7-6820HK and GTX 1070) and it has been great at modelling all the components, but I can't get simulations to run. … (Show more)
in Flow Simulation
Joel Thompson
I may have used the wrong "method" looking for help.  Sorry for the repeat, but now as a question:     All,   I have been watching a lot of videos on how to use Flow Sim.  Some are very good.   But, I still have a lot of questions.  Also, there have not been any responses to my original question:  How to Create a Wing Lift Curve?  Any inputs there… (Show more)
in Flow Simulation
Kishore K.
Click to view contentHi all,   I'm new to SW Flow Thermal simulation and I have a doubt on adiabatic wall condition (Internal flow) VS External Flow.   Boundary condition : A Hollow pipe of steel has to reach certain temperature on the external face at specific time by passing hot water inside.    Analysis type : Transient thermal analysis    Which wall… (Show more)
in Flow Simulation
Josiah Lund
Click to view contentAll,   I have recently been working quite a bit with SW flow sim and have gotten good results in 2D. I am working my way up and have now begun trying to tackle a 3D wing. Find my 2D simulation here: Lift Coefficient on 2D Airfoil   I have been able to somewhat successfully reach convergence for the 3D case. My concern is that even on a… (Show more)
in Flow Simulation
Jonathas Tavares Neves
Good Morning.  I have a problem with the analysis of the thermal exchange of a specific heat exchanger. The simulation never completes all the progress of the analysis and does not generate the engine graphics. Need help.
in Flow Simulation
Aung Soe Min Dme
Dear Sir, This is Aung Soe Min. Depending on the CPU time is so long to finish a final iteration, I want to save the calculation process of flow simulation in a Solidworks assembly. And then, the saved assembly will be run the next time again if necessary. Please help me with the process of saving the calculation in flow simulation. Sincerely.
in Flow Simulation
Aryan Panthri
I was trying to use flow simulation and as I press run, it starts to generate mesh but suddenly "Solver abnormally terminated" appears and it happens only for this model because I've tried flow sim for other models but it worked there. I have no idea how to fix this, please help me.
in Flow Simulation
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