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Simon Yang
20 years ago, I saw engineering FEA guy always put a note for responsibility waiver, such as "Do not accept or reject a design based solely on the data presented in this report", etc. 10 years ago, I saw it, engineering guy thought it is okay. At present, the FEA report I review, the similar note are still there. what is your opinion?
in Simulation
Erika Nuss
Hello,   Please someone help me with this simulation!   Objective:  Overall, I need to find the 3 independent values at which failure occurs due to 3 independent bearing load forces (each with differing accelerations – lateral, vertical, and longitudinal).  Background:  This assembly is a 3-piece socket that is recessed into a ceiling panel and… (Show more)
in Simulation
Babar Firasat
Hi All,   I'm performing a simple FEA on a sheet metal to see bending using Simulation Xpress. I'm a recent graduate without any Senior engineer to help me with formulas.    Do I need to perform Hand calculations in order to find the maximum bending stress in a sheet metal or can I just use the Yield Strength given in my Stress Study for a… (Show more)
in Simulation
Ryan Beattie
Click to view contentI am trying to test my teams various CAD models using SW by simply applying a force and trying to do a static stress study. However when I clicked run study I was greeted with an error  Here is the properties of the carbon fiber I am trying to use, its missing all of the moduli needed for simulation.   Now compare it to steel:  It has… (Show more)
in Simulation
Pratik Bagde
In an assembly there is heat transfer between two models where I have to maintain the initial temperature of the one model same as it was initially ( since there will be rise in temperature of model which is at lower temperature initially ). There is flow of air taking place from inlet to outlet of the chamber. These two models are inside the… (Show more)
in Simulation
Ronald van Til
View stays empty when viewing mesh results or simulation results when 'performance pipeline' is enabled in SW2020SP0. Anybody else experiencing this? Everything is OK when disabled.
in Simulation
Robin Michon
I am applying a remote load to a pad in my assembly.  I have tried using both direct transfer and rigid connection.  I have to use a new coordinate system to get my Forces correct, as the tooling comes in at the engineering CG, which is different than world coordinates.   Typically I have not had an issue with this, and I've been using Solidworks… (Show more)
in Simulation
Warren van Zyl
(NX User now in Solidworks)   Something I found simple in NX but struggling with in Solidworks: I have a lifting eye/lug (whatever name you want it to be called) to which I want to attach a cable/chain/rope.   I have attached a sketch showing what I'm trying to achieve.   In NX I would make the solid of the lifting eye, add a point to its… (Show more)
in Simulation
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