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Shawn Murphy
I'm working on adding H13 tool steel to the SolidWorks lib.   I'm using the properties defined by Matweb   SolidWorks has Thermal Conductivity defined as BTU/(in*sec*°F).  I've looked a few different conversion like… (Show more)
in Simulation
Dario Denzler
Hey there   Is it possible to define a custom moment of interia for a beam? I do have fairly complex profiles and I want to avoid to geometrically model the cross section. In other FEA tools, it is possilbe to define beam elements just by two points and the inertia's with respect to the local element coordinate system.   Does Solidworks… (Show more)
in Simulation
Moh Al Nashar
Hi All,  I'm having an issue with the simulation whenever i have multi material bodies, the warning says "negative or zero pivot". the only scenario the simulation will yield a result is when i combine all bodies (see attached photo). i have the global contact as bonded with incompatible mesh.   Simulation result file is huge so i will share it… (Show more)
in Simulation
Bradley Sanders
Here is a right view of an assembly I created. If I wanted to simulate where its final resting position would be due to gravity/weight (assuming the rod doesn't flex) is that possibly in solidworks? I can get the CG no problem, but the angled face I would like to make vertical.  
in Simulation
Lukas Kantor
Click to view contentHi. This is my first post. In many cases I find out the way, thanks to another post but now i cant.   I have curved beam. I need apply radial force like in my picture. Have a look. I set beam then ref. is plane on the top of beam. Everything seems fine. Click OK and pop up says: "choose ref. plane". I have to set up my force perpendicular to… (Show more)
in Simulation
Shawn Guillory
Click to view contentHi,   I am looking to find someone whom is an expert in SolidWorks Simulation FEA to possibly help me out with this problem I am trying to solve.   To provide some background on what I am doing and the issue I am facing:   I am working on preparing engineering design packages according to API 6A Specification for 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 psi… (Show more)
in Simulation
Sean Johnson
Does anyone have an example somewhere, of analyzing an inelastic collision of a mass onto a steel plate, supported on it's edges?  I've a situation where I've a load dropping from about six inches onto a steel pan.  The load is basically a bag of "stuff", and isn't going to bounce.  I need to figure out a minimum pan thickness, and the stresses in… (Show more)
in Simulation
Shawn Mahaney
Click to view contentRecent experience led me to write up an illustrated example, with a new model made just for the purpose, of what can happen around happy little things like pin connectors. The complete write-up is published at  Basically, there's a thin wall in an arm near a bushed joint. One of… (Show more)
in Simulation
Prageeth Fernando
flow simulation and some other features are missing in my solidwoks 2019. How can i add them??
in Simulation
Robert Gillis
When I tried to do an analysis on a wood part, the Solidworks library did not contain enough wood data to do the simulation.  The message I received was: "The material in the default library can not be edited.  You must first copy the material to a custom library to edit it."  Apparently there is some custom library within SW that I can enter and… (Show more)
in Simulation
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