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Bobby Orr
Hello,I am wanting to learn how to draw a 3d pumpkin from scratch - hoping to find some assistance in doing this.   Still new at this software and haven't gotten beyond machine parts yet   any advice is appreciated   thanks   bobby
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Ostin Flores
Hi,  I am new to solid works, excuse me if my terminology is not as accurate. I am making a new extruded sketch but I am not able to see my sketch. I have enabled the sketch visibility property on the "view" window but this doesn't solve my problem. I borrowed someones sketch to open it and it actually shows, but everytime I want to make my own… (Show more)
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Iqra Tariq
Click to view contentI am new to solidWORKS and I recently got assigned a project to draw a 3D sketch. With no prior knowledge in solidWORKS, I was hoping someone could help guide me on how to create this project.    If there are any videos that I can watch or some sort of guideline I can follow I would appreciate it. Simulation  I have to choose any three of the… (Show more)
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Sushil Kumar
Click to view contentHas anyone worked on BSF & BSW threads, how to create BSW & BSF thread using Hole Wizard in solidworks? and i need to convert these BSF or BSW thread to metric standard. so is there any equivalent standard available for conversion? Can anyone suggest equivalent standards or thread values in solidworks. TIA..!!Yoshihiro DOBASHIGreg… (Show more)
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Sri Parasaram
I'm having trouble uploading a large assembly into Solidworks 3D Central. Everytime I try to upload it, I receive an email with an error message saying "SolidWorks error: Failed to add model 2020Vehicle_Assm.SLDASM". Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Shawn Curtis
Click to view contentI want to cut a multisurface feature on a part using z level finish. I am using a ball nose endmill. I want to cut in 2 set of passes . One set going parallel to x-axis and other going parallel to y-axis. This will give me a much better finish.  How to I get it to change direction by 90 DEGREE to cut the piece in both directions? Thank you.
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Sanjay Kankariya
Click to view contentWhat is the parameter name for the check box to "Use in Bill of Materials" underneath the configuration description?   I am creating a design table and I would like to configure the description and have that description show up in the BOM.  I would also like to avoid opening each individual config. and checking that box if possible.   Awaiting… (Show more)
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Andrew Bregman
I have two parts and after adjusting the dimensions, the sketch became underdefined and I have no idea which part of my sketch is screwed up. I have attached the two files separately. 
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Alex Holmberg
Hello Solidworks forum users! I am having trouble 3d printing my model. I have understood that it hast to do with it being a surface. The model is made using Fusion 360 surface modeling tools. I have asked on Fusions forum if there is anything I could do to fix it. I got the response that it would be best to start over. I also tried curas forum… (Show more)
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