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Daniel Cook
I'm looking for an easier workflow for creating a somewhat complex surface.   Right now I have to make a bunch of 3D Splines, guide curves, etc in order to get a body that is comprised of a 2D profile extruded up to a 3D surface.   Is there a way to extrude a 2D profile up to a 3D spline in a 3D sketch?   I'm attaching a

Peet Doddema
Hi everyone, I designed a propeller blade for model aircraft (type folding prop which has a hinge at the root of the blade). I want to create a mold, so followed the steps: created parting line and parting surface. That went down well after some fiddling around. The step tooling split fails and leaves me with the error message "The sketch should
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Marcos Farina
Dear Ladies & Gents,   Here I'm pleased to share my super-macro .   I've came across several times, (and not only me, as far as I've seen,) with the need of calculating the total length of 1 or several sweep features, where the path is made of multiple segments, sometimes not easy to select one by one.   So this macro