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Vance Wright
I know we've had some great favorite quotes, but sometimes I just need a laugh.  So, I'm proposing that everyone post their favorite joke.  Make sure it's PG.  Post no matter how corny.  Can't wait to see what happens.

Peter Brinkhuis
I've spent 500 hours building a great fastener library. I'm using parts with a single configuration and they are not linked at all to the toolbox. The result is a very fast and robust set of files where you can even change the fastener type without the mate breaking.    The files are just not that easy to identify because they are not
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Mats Lindqvist
How do I change the size of a part, without having to edit each dimension? Note that I want the parameters in every sketch etc. to change their values (except angular dimensions). I recall Creo has two options, you can either do a "scale model" operation. This command simply changes the size of your part by scaling up/down non-angular dimensions,
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Brian Corbin
HI Guys,   I have made some template parts which exist in our own server library. Some are fasteners, and standard items we build ourselves.   Its a mix of Part and Assembly files.   Some members of the team "forget" or are conused about what should be included in a Packngo and what shouldn't (I know its not that hard if you sort