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Xuande Zhang
Hey guys,   I'm working on my CSWPA. I downloaded the compression files from official website.   However, one of the files I opened, I literally cannot do anything. Something I need to mention: 1. The instruction asked me to change some property and modify the model. I am supposed to do that. I checked the property of the file, it is

Greg Hynd
hello i would like to start a thread with pictures of what people use solidworks for, just for general interest. what do people think? heres one from me.
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Steven Billeter
Yesterday I was made aware that DraftSight looked like it no longer had a free option. I usually try to keep up on these things, but was unaware this change was coming. Then I saw on the "Kitty Dump" thread that others were seeing the same things. Wanted to start a separate thread for this and any other information that might be changing with